Welcome to HealthCheck, where our mission is to bring diagnostics closer as we bridge the gap in point-of-care testing and
provide simple, quality test kits for healthcare professionals and individuals alike.
In a market yearning for integrity in point-of-care tests, HealthCheck was born. We recognized the need for streamlined test
processes and developed a range of products that seamlessly met the needs of small laboratories, pharmacies, mid-size hospitals, and clinics without their own laboratories.

Our Solutions

Our innovative solutions have revolutionized the way healthcare professionals approach testing. Hospitals without laboratories of their own can now leverage our products to meet the testing needs of their patients. The outbreak of Ebola emphasized the importance of meticulous treatment, leading us to introduce non-contact thermometers such as our TempCheck (Non-Contact Infrared) and finger thermometers, providing a solution to the challenge of minimizing contact in hospitals, clinics, and laboratories.

2014, The Birth of the Healthcheck Ranges

On 25 March 2014, the World Health Organization (WHO) reported that Guinea’s Ministry of Health had reported an outbreak of Ebola virus disease in four southeastern districts, The first case of EVD was confirmed in Lagos Nigeria on 23 July 2014 and spread to involve 19 laboratory-confirmed EVD cases.

In the Month of August 2024, we introduced the first Non- Contact Healthcheck Thermometer brand to help in detecting body temperature as fever is the first major sign of EVD. This revolutionary device became an instant hit among Nigerian households, providing accurate temperature readings with speed and reliability. It quickly
became a trusted companion in times of fever and illness.

2015, The Need of the People

As the years rolled on, HealthCheck continued to listen to the needs of the people. In 2015, we unveiled the Finger Thermometer, a compact and convenient alternative to traditional thermometers.
This breakthrough allowed for hassle-free temperature checks,especially for parents with restless children who dreaded the traditional under-the-tongue method.

2016, The Birth of the Glucose Monitor

We introduced the BGCheck device in the year 2016, a blood glucose monitor designed to help individuals with diabetes track their health parameters. It is specifically designed to empower individuals with diabetes to effortlessly and precisely monitor their crucial health parameters and seize complete control of their health and wellbeing like never before.

Over time, we tirelessly worked to improve this product, leading to a new and advanced version in 2024. This revamped glucometer became even more accurate, allowing individuals to better manage their condition and live healthier lives.

2018, Introducing Test Cassettes

HealthCheck’s commitment to combating prevalent diseases became evident in 2018. We introduced a range of test cassettes, starting with the Malaria parasite test cassette. This breakthrough allowed for swift and accurate diagnosis, enabling prompt treatment for those affected by this mosquito-borne illness, expecially in pharmacies and other primary healthcare centers across Nigeria.

The Success of Malaria Test Cassettes made us expand our offering to include 3Hviral for Hepatitis B&C + HIV all in one test cassette empowering individuals to know their Hepatitis and HIV status. Pregnancy Test Cassette, Conceptioncheck, and Fertilitycheck Pee sticks test cassettes, empowering individuals to take control of their reproductive health.

Tested & Trusted

With every passing year, HealthCheck continued to grow its product line. In 2019, we introduced test cassettes for detecting Prostate, Typhoid, and H-pylori, addressing prevalent health concerns among Nigerians. These test kits provided a valuable tool for early detection and timely treatment, saving countless lives

Monitor. Oxygen. Health

In 2020, HealthCheck took a leap into the field of respiratory health with the SPO2 Check pulse oximeter. This portable device accurately measured oxygen saturation levels, proving to be invaluable for individuals with respiratory conditions or those recovering from COVID-19.

Breathe. Expand. Relieve.

The year 2022 marked the arrival of the Spacer device. Designed for asthma
patients, this clever invention helped deliver medication directly to the lungs,
improving its efficacy and making treatment easier and more efficient.

Check, Be Calm

Finally, in 2024, we unveiled our latest creation – the Menopause Test cassette.
This innovative product provided women with a simple and reliable means of
identifying the onset of menopause, enabling them to better manage the
physical and emotional changes that accompany this stage of life.

The Future

As HealthCheck’s journey unfolds, our unwavering commitment to the health and well-being of Nigerians remains undeniable. We believe that our tireless efforts to create innovative products that meet various health needs will propelle us to the forefront of the Nigerian health industry, earning trust and admiration along the way. And so, the remarkable trajectory of HealthCheck’s brand journey came to epitomize a significant milestone in Nigeria’s pursuit of better health and well-being for all. With each product we have introduced, HealthCheck continues to make a lasting impact on the lives of countless individuals, capturing the hearts of Nigerians one healthcare product at a time.