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The market was yearning for integrity in point of care tests being carried out in Pharmacies, mid-size hospitals and clinics that don’t have laboratories as well as laboratories, so, there was a need for simple, quality test kits to be introduced to the market this gave birth to HealthCheck range of products to solve and to bridge that gap.

HealthCheck came in and simplified the test processes. Small laboratories that are not well equipped never had to worry as HealthCheck product ranges seamlessly met their needs for test.

Hospitals that don’t have laboratories of their own now leverage on the solutions for tests provided by HealthCheck to meet the test needs of their patients.

After the outbreak of Ebola, it became a standard operating procedure that healthcare professionals become more meticulous in treatment. There was the need of a brand that will provide solution to that challenge in non-contact thermometer at hospitals, clinics and even laboratories. So, we introduced the TempCheck (Non-Contact Infrared) and finger thermometers.

In 2016, we introduced our BGCheck device, a blood glucose monitor designed to help people with diabetes note their health parameters. With the success of the BGCheck, there was need to do more.

Moving forward, we introduced other products to meet specific needs like the SPO2Check to determine the blood oxygen saturation level and pulse rate in the body. The device can be used both by healthcare professionals and at home to determine the oxygen saturation level in the body.

The year 2018 saw the introduction of five new products, three products for fertility related conditions in women and men (FertilityCheck for Men and Women, ConceptionCheck and Pregnancy Test Cassette), a 3-in-1 combo test kit TripleH-Viral  to test for of  HIV, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C. After a painstaking effort by our team of researchers, they discovered the abuse of anti-malaria drugs has become a thing of concern as people self-medicate without testing before they treat. We then decided to introduce a simple test kit that will help both healthcare professionals and non-healthcare professionals test before they treat malaria and that simple solution is Malaria Parasite Test Cassette.

In 2019, 3 other devices namely,  H.Pylori Test Cassette (for diagnosis of peptic ulcers, gastritis, duodenitis, extradigestive diseases), Prostate Specific Antigen Test Cassette (for the diagnosis of prostate cancer) and Typhoid Bacteria Test Cassette (for the diagnosis of Typhoid).

Like the byline, our aim is to help healthcare professionals to “be absolutely sure” before recommending treatment. Thus, the goal of HealthCheck is to aid healthcare professionals in making quick accurate diagnosis as well as bringing diagnostics closer to people, this is what the HealthCheck story is about and there is no end to this story. It continues to be a tale of helping healthcare professionals make quick and accurate decisions as well as bringing diagnosis close to patients.

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